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Charter Flight Service

Any destinations. Fly to domestic airport, international airport, private airport, helipad. Access to private terminals to enjoy privileged privacy and convenience. Haul your luggage with you. Never leave luggage out of eyesight. Choices of USA Gulfstream, Hawker, Boeing,France Dassault Falcon, Airbus, Canada Challenger. Prepare to take off.
Tel: (1) 302 278 6260

Air Charter Service

Book a private jet in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Europe, USA to and from Any Destinations. We are Hong Kong company speaking Chinese well. Peace of mind to depart from and arrive in Greater China, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Phnom Penh, and anywhere in the world. Private charter aircraft hire for private and business events.
Tel: (1) 302 278 6260


Lease Chartered Aircraft Service to provide freight service for air cargo. We understand the regulations on the landing location and the immigration arrangement for transportation by private airplane flights. Utilize load capacity and space to deliver precious metals, medical equipment, oil drills, construction machineries, urgent cargo, overweight, oversized and fragile air cargo.
Tel: (1) 302 278 6260


Helicopter Charter in Hong Kong, Macau, London, United States, North Pole or Antarctica. Join the filming, photography, Leisure Experience, or Marketing Helicopter Charter. Have a spectacular view of Battersea, Victoria Harbor, the Grand Canyon, islands, bays, breaches, green countryside, day and night. Take the private aviation.
Tel: (1) 302 278 6260

Private Airplanes Sales

Invest, Buy and Manage a brand new or second hand private airplane, business flights, light jets, mid-size jets, large jets, and corporate jets, and helicopter. Handle aircraft operation and maintenance, sales of flight time, routine inspections, crew, luxury interior modifications, refurbishments, and compliance.
Tel: (1) 302 278 6260

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